How to Get the Metal Detector in GTA V: A Step-By-Step Guide for Gamers

how to get the metal detector in gta v

Hey there, fellow gamers! Are you ready to go treasure hunting in Grand Theft Auto V? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re going to show you how to get your hands on the metal detector in GTA V. Trust me, this handy dandy tool is a game-changer when it comes to uncovering hidden treasures and valuable items throughout the game. So, why do you need a metal detector? Well, in GTA V, there are hidden caches and collectibles scattered throughout the massive open world.

From vintage action figures to golden peyote plants, these collectibles can be worth a pretty penny. But finding them without any aid can be a real challenge. That’s where the metal detector comes in.

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Just like a real-life metal detector, this tool emits a beeping sound when it detects any nearby metallic objects. It’s a great way to discover hidden treasures that may otherwise go unnoticed. Plus, it adds a whole new layer of excitement and exploration to the game.

Now, you might be wondering how to get your hands on this magical device. Well, the metal detector is part of the Collectors Bag, which can be purchased through the online catalog of the Red Dead Online Store. Yes, you heard that right, Red Dead Online.

The metal detector was actually introduced as part of the Frontier Pursuits update for Red Dead Online, but luckily, it can also be used in GTA V. To get your own metal detector, you’ll need to have a bit of in-game currency. The Collectors Bag can be purchased for 15 Gold Bars, which can be obtained through various activities in Red Dead Online.

Once you have the Collectors Bag, you’ll automatically receive the metal detector as part of the package. It’s as simple as that! With your new metal detector in hand, you can now set off on a treasure-hunting spree in GTA V. Just wander around the map, and when your metal detector starts beeping, get ready to dig up some hidden loot.


If you’re looking to get your hands on the metal detector in GTA V, you’re in luck! This handy tool is essential for finding hidden treasures and collectibles throughout the game. To acquire the metal detector, you will need to complete a specific mission called “The Merryweather Heist.” In this mission, you will be tasked with stealing a submarine.

After completing this mission, you will unlock the ability to purchase the metal detector from the in-game store. Once you have the metal detector, you can use it to locate buried items, such as cash, weapons, and other valuable items. So, get ready to embark on your treasure-hunting adventure in Grand Theft Auto V!

What is the metal detector?

metal detector

how to get the metal detector in gta v

Unlocking the Metal Detector

If you’re a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, you know that finding hidden items and completing unique challenges is part of the fun. In GTA V, one item that many players strive to obtain is the metal detector. This handy tool allows you to search for buried treasures, such as cash and jewelry, across the game’s vast map.

So, how do you unlock the metal detector in GTA V? Well, it’s not as simple as visiting a store and purchasing it. Instead, you’ll need to complete a specific quest called “Penny’s Pursuit.” This mission involves helping a character named Penny find her missing metal detector.

Once you successfully complete the quest and return the metal detector to Penny, she’ll reward you with your very own. From there, you can roam the streets of Los Santos, searching for hidden treasures with your trusty metal detector. So, put on your detective hat and get ready to dig up some valuable loot in GTA V!

Completing the story mode

“Completing the Story Mode: Unlocking the Metal Detector” So you’ve been playing this amazing game and you’re on the quest to complete the story mode. Well, there’s one item that every dedicated player wants to get their hands on: the metal detector. This handy tool can help you uncover hidden treasures and secret paths that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise.

But how do you unlock the metal detector in the game? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. To unlock the metal detector, you’ll need to complete a series of missions and tasks given to you by the game’s characters. These missions will take you through the different areas of the game and will test your skills and determination.

They might include solving puzzles, defeating enemies, or collecting specific items. As you progress through the story mode, you’ll notice that the difficulty level of these missions increases. The game wants to make sure that you’re prepared and have mastered the necessary skills before you can unlock the metal detector.

But don’t worry if you find yourself struggling at times. Remember, the journey is as important as the destination, and each challenge you overcome will make you a better player. Once you’ve completed all the necessary missions and tasks, you’ll finally be rewarded with the metal detector.

This exciting moment will mark a turning point in your gaming experience. With the metal detector in hand, you’ll be able to explore the game’s world like never before. The metal detector will enable you to find hidden treasures and valuable items that you wouldn’t have been able to discover otherwise.

It will open up new possibilities and paths for you to explore. You’ll be able to uncover secret areas and unearth rare artifacts that will enhance your gaming experience. But remember, the metal detector is just a tool.

Finding all 54 playing cards

In the vast open world of Red Dead Online, there are endless adventures to be had. One hidden gem that players can uncover is the search for all 54 playing cards. These cards are scattered throughout the map, and collecting them all can be quite the challenge.

However, the rewards are well worth the effort. Not only do players earn experience points and valuable trinkets as they find each card, but they also unlock the coveted Metal Detector. This tool is essential for finding buried treasures and collecting valuable resources in the game.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a thrilling treasure hunt, it’s time to start searching high and low for those elusive playing cards.

Using the Metal Detector

Have you ever wondered how to get the metal detector in GTA V? Well, you’re in luck! The metal detector is a handy tool that allows you to find hidden treasures and collectibles in the game. To get your hands on this nifty device, you first need to complete a specific mission called “The Elemental Trail.” This mission can be started by talking to a stranger named “Brandy” at the Great Chaparral Clubhouse.

Once you have started the mission, you will need to follow a series of clues that will lead you to the metal detector. It may take some time and effort to complete this mission, but the rewards are definitely worth it. With the metal detector in your possession, you can now embark on exciting treasure-hunting adventures and uncover valuable items scattered throughout the vast world of GTA V.

So, grab your controller and get ready to dig up some hidden gems!

Equipping the metal detector

metal detector, equipping, using Equipping the metal detector is an essential step to ensure a successful treasure-hunting adventure. Before heading out on your quest, it’s important to have all the necessary tools and accessories for a fruitful search. The first step is to choose the right metal detector for your needs.

There are various models available, each with different features and capabilities. Consider factors such as the type of treasure you are looking for, the terrain you will be searching in, and your personal preferences. Once you have chosen your metal detector, it’s time to gather the other essential equipment.

A sturdy and comfortable backpack is a must-have, as it will hold all your gear and keep you organized. Don’t forget to pack a digging tool, such as a trowel or a shovel, to unearth your finds. A pair of gloves will protect your hands from sharp objects and rough terrain.

And finally, don’t forget your headphones! They will allow you to hear the signals emitted by the metal detector more clearly, even in noisy environments. With your metal detector and all the necessary equipment, you are now ready to embark on your treasure-hunting journey. Using the metal detector may seem intimidating at first, but with a little practice and patience, you’ll become a pro in no time.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the controls and settings of your metal detector. Read the user manual carefully and experiment with the different features to get a feel for how everything works. Once you have a good understanding of the basics, it’s time to hit the ground.

Start by selecting a search area that is known for its potential for finding valuable objects. This could be a beach, a park, or an old abandoned property. Turn on your metal detector, adjust the sensitivity and discrimination settings, and start sweeping the area in a slow and systematic manner.

Detecting metal objects

metal detector, detecting metal objects

Best Places to Use the Metal Detector

If you’re a fan of GTA V and you want to know how to get the metal detector in the game, you’re in luck! The metal detector is a really handy tool that can help you find hidden treasures and collectibles throughout the game world. To get the metal detector, you’ll need to complete a series of missions for the character Penelope Braithwaite, who is located in the Braithwaite Manor area. Once you’ve completed these missions, you’ll be rewarded with the metal detector, and you can start using it to uncover all sorts of hidden goodies.

So where are the best places to use the metal detector? One popular spot is the beach. You never know what kinds of treasures you might find buried in the sand. Another great place is around old abandoned buildings or construction sites.

These areas often have a lot of metal debris that the metal detector can pick up. And finally, don’t forget to explore the wilderness. There’s a whole world of hidden treasures out there just waiting to be discovered with the help of your metal detector.

So get out there and start searching!

Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores is a paradise for treasure hunters armed with metal detectors. With its long stretches of sandy beaches, pristine turquoise waters, and rich history, there’s no shortage of exciting places to explore. One of the best spots to use your metal detector is near the old shipwreck that happened centuries ago.

Imagine the thrill of uncovering hidden artifacts from a time long forgotten! Another great area to search is near the old lighthouse, where many ships once relied on its guiding beacon. Who knows what lost treasures lie hidden in the sand? And let’s not forget about the popular picnic spots along the shore, where families have enjoyed sun-soaked afternoons for generations. You might be surprised to find lost jewelry or coins buried beneath the surface.

Sandy Shores truly has something for everyone when it comes to metal detecting adventures. So grab your metal detector and get ready for a day of excitement, mystery, and maybe even a bit of buried treasure!

Blaine County

In the vast and rugged landscapes of Blaine County, there are plenty of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered with a metal detector. Whether you’re a seasoned treasure hunter or just starting out, this area is teeming with exciting opportunities. One of the best places to use your metal detector is at the local parks and playgrounds.

These popular gathering spots are perfect for finding lost coins, jewelry, and other small metal items. Another great spot to explore is the old mining areas. Blaine County has a rich history of mining, and remnants of this past can still be found scattered throughout the region.

The metal detector can help you unearth forgotten artifacts and relics from a bygone era. And let’s not forget about the beaches! The shores of Blaine County’s picturesque lakes and rivers are ideal for a day of treasure hunting. Who knows what kind of hidden treasures you’ll find buried beneath the sand? So pack your metal detector and get ready to embark on an exciting adventure in Blaine County – the perfect destination for aspiring treasure hunters.

Mount Chiliad

“Mount Chiliad” Secondary keywords used organically: Best places, Metal Detector Mount Chiliad is not just a scenic mountain in Grand Theft Auto, it is also one of the best places to use your metal detector. As you make your way up the winding trails, you never know what treasures you might unearth. The mountain is teeming with hidden gems and secret stashes, all waiting to be discovered.

With your metal detector in hand, you can explore the nooks and crannies of Mount Chiliad, searching for valuable artifacts or rare collectibles. From abandoned campsites to old mining tunnels, the possibilities are endless. But what makes Mount Chiliad truly special is the element of surprise.

You never know when you’ll stumble upon a long-lost treasure or stumble upon a hidden cache of gold. The excitement and thrill of the hunt make Mount Chiliad the ultimate destination for metal detecting enthusiasts. So grab your metal detector and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime on the slopes of Mount Chiliad!


In conclusion, getting the metal detector in GTA V is like finding a diamond in the rough. It takes a keen eye, a sharp mind, and the determination of a seasoned treasure hunter. Just like in real life, the process involves a series of clever steps and intricate maneuvers.

First, you’ll need to channel your inner MacGyver and navigate the vast world of Los Santos with precision. It’s a game of hide and seek, where the metal detector elusively hides itself amidst the skyscrapers and seedy back alleys. Keep your eyes peeled and your senses heightened, for it can be as sneaky as a fox, blending into the chaotic cityscape.

Once you’ve spotted the metal detector, be prepared to tackle a myriad of clever puzzles and cunning challenges. This is like opening a Pandora’s box of enigmas, where only the most resourceful gamers can unlock its hidden secrets. You’ll need to solve riddles, crack codes, and dance with danger in the virtual world.

Now, it’s time to strap on your thinking cap and unleash the power of your wits. The metal detector doesn’t just hand itself over willingly; it yearns to be pursued, courted, and wooed like a digital treasure. So, brush up on your intellectual prowess and get ready for a mental marathon of epic proportions.

But be warned, dear gamers, for this quest is not for the faint of heart. It will test your patience, your persistence, and your ability to outsmart even the most cunning adversaries. In the end, however, the reward is oh-so-sweet, as the metal detector becomes your loyal companion and unlocks a world of hidden riches.

So, fellow gamers, let us embark on this adventure together, armed with our controllers and fueled by our passion for discovery. Let us show the virtual world of GTA V that we will stop at nothing to acquire the metal detector, because when it comes to gaming, a little wit and cleverness go a long way. Happy hunting!”


1. How to obtain the metal detector in GTA V? – Answer: You can find the metal detector by completing the “Penny’s from Heaven” mission, which is a random event that occurs in the game. 2. Can the metal detector be purchased in GTA V? – Answer: No, the metal detector cannot be purchased in GTA V. It can only be obtained through the specific mission mentioned above. 3. What is the purpose of the metal detector in GTA V? – Answer: The metal detector is used to find hidden treasures and collectibles buried underground, such as cash, weapons, and rare items. 4. Are there any limitations to using the metal detector in GTA V? – Answer: Yes, the metal detector is only effective in certain areas of the game world where buried treasures are located. It won’t work everywhere. 5. Can the metal detector be used in multiplayer mode in GTA V? – Answer: Yes, the metal detector can be used in multiplayer mode, allowing players to search for hidden treasures together. 6. Is using the metal detector essential for completing the game? – Answer: No, using the metal detector is not essential for completing the main storyline of GTA V. It is an optional feature for players who enjoy exploration and collecting. 7. What are some of the valuable items that can be found with the metal detector in GTA V? – Answer: Some of the valuable items you can find using the metal detector include ancient artifacts, rare coins, and valuable jewelry. These items can be sold for a high price in the game.

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