Do They Still Make Homelite Weed Eater: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Garden Tool

Are you wondering whether Homelite weed eaters are still available on the market? Then, you’re in the right place. As gardening tool enthusiasts know, Homelite was once a popular brand of outdoor power equipment renowned for its quality and durability. However, with the influx of newer brands, buyers became increasingly curious about the availability of old Homelite products, namely their weed eaters.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the current state of the Homelite brand and whether you can still purchase their weed eaters today. So, let’s dive in and find out!

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History of Homelite

If you’re wondering if Homelite still makes weed eaters, the answer is yes! Homelite has been in the business of producing quality outdoor power equipment since 1921, and they continue to manufacture top-notch weed eaters to this day. The company was founded in Port Chester, New York, but they have since relocated to Anderson, South Carolina. Over the years, Homelite has built a strong reputation for innovation and durability, and many homeowners and professionals alike trust their products for their landscaping needs.

So if you’re in the market for a new weed eater, consider Homelite and rest assured that you’re investing in a brand with a rich history of excellence.

Founded in 1921

Homelite was founded in 1921 by Charles Ferguson, a talented inventor and entrepreneur who saw a need for affordable, high-quality tools. The company’s first product was an electric generator that helped provide power to rural areas that were not yet connected to the grid. From there, Homelite expanded into other areas, such as chainsaws, lawnmowers, and other outdoor power equipment.

Over the years, the company has continued to innovate and develop new products, always with a focus on making life easier for homeowners and professionals alike. Today, Homelite is known for its reliable, high-performance tools, and is a trusted brand in the world of outdoor power equipment.

do they still make homelite weed eater

Acquired by Textron in 1955

Homelite, Textron Homelite, one of the most reputable brands in the outdoor power equipment industry, has a fascinating history. The company was established in 1921 in Port Chester, New York, by Charles H. Ferguson.

Initially, Homelite started as a company that manufactured an electric generator for home use. However, in 1946, they began producing a portable chainsaw, which became an instant hit with lumberjacks. The company’s innovative, lightweight design made their product more appealing, and sales skyrocketed.

In 1955, Textron, another company in the outdoor equipment industry, acquired Homelite. Textron injected Homelite with resources that enabled them to diversify into other markets while still focusing on outdoor power equipment. Homelite became famous for the design of their products and their quality, providing everything from outdoor tools and equipment to generators and pumps.

Today, Homelite continues to improve on their innovative designs, making them the trusted brand in outdoor power equipment.

Sold to John Deere in 1994

Homelite has a rich and fascinating history dating back to the early 1920s. Their founder, Charles H. Ferguson, had a vision for creating high-quality forestry tools that could tackle tough jobs with ease.

By the 1940s, Homelite had expanded into the consumer market, producing lightweight chainsaws that were accessible to the everyday person. Over the years, Homelite continued to innovate and develop new products, including highly-regarded hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. However, in 1994, Homelite was sold to John Deere, marking the end of an era for the company.

Despite the change in ownership, Homelite’s commitment to producing reliable and durable equipment has remained a cornerstone of their brand. With a legacy spanning almost a century, it’s clear that Homelite has made a lasting impact on the power tool industry, and they remain a respected name to this day.

Current Status

If you’re a fan of Homelite weed eaters, you may be wondering if they still make them. The answer is yes! While the brand has gone through some changes over the years, they still produce a range of quality weed eaters. Homelite was acquired by Techtronic Industries in 2001, and since then, they have continued to innovate and improve their products.

In fact, their current lineup includes gas-powered, electric, and battery-powered models to suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for something simple and reliable, or a professional landscaper in need of a powerful, heavy-duty tool, Homelite has you covered. So if you’re in the market for a new weed eater, don’t hesitate to check out what Homelite has to offer.

Homelite is owned by Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

Homelite, Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. If you’re a Homelite fan, you might be interested to know that the brand is currently owned by Techtronic Industries Co.

Ltd. (TTI). TTI is a multinational company that focuses on designing, manufacturing, and marketing power tools, outdoor power equipment, and floor care and appliances.

As one of TTI’s many subsidiaries, Homelite is in good company, with brands like Ryobi, Milwaukee, and Hoover also under the TTI umbrella. This acquisition has allowed Homelite to continue developing innovative products for its loyal customers, while also benefitting from TTI’s extensive resources and expertise. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new Homelite tool or outdoor power equipment, rest assured that the brand is in good hands with TTI.

Homelite weed eaters are still being manufactured

If you’re a fan of Homelite weed eaters, you’ll be happy to know that they are still being manufactured today. Although the brand has undergone some changes over the years, it is still a popular choice for homeowners and landscaping professionals alike. Homelite is now owned by the Techtronic Industries company, which specializes in power tools and products in the outdoor power equipment sector.

This means that Homelite products are still well-made and of high quality, ensuring that your lawn care needs are met with the utmost efficiency and ease. So don’t worry about having to switch to a different brand – you can stick with Homelite and enjoy the same reliable performance you’ve come to expect.

Homelite offers a variety of weed eaters

Homelite is a well-known brand in the market that offers a variety of weed eaters. Whether you need a lightweight or a heavy-duty machine, Homelite has got you covered. With their advanced technology, their weed eaters are designed to make your lawn care tasks effortless and efficient.

The current status of Homelite weed eaters is impressive, as they continue to develop innovative products that meet the needs of their customers. These machines are built to last and provide maximum performance, making them a great investment for homeowners and professional landscapers alike. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and durable weed eater to help you keep your lawn tidy, Homelite is definitely a brand to consider.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best, choose Homelite for your weed eating needs.

Where to Find Homelite Weed Eaters

“Do they still make Homelite weed eaters?” is a common question many people wonder about. The answer is yes, Homelite still makes weed eaters. Homelite weed eaters can be found in hardware stores, home improvement stores, and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Homelite also has an official website where their products, including weed eaters, can be purchased directly or found through their dealer locator tool. Homelite offers a variety of models to choose from, including gas-powered, electric, and battery-powered options. It’s important to do your research and choose a model that best fits your needs and yard size.

Homelite has been producing high-quality outdoor power tools for over 70 years, so you can trust their brand for reliable and efficient weed eaters.

Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s

If you’re looking for Homelite weed eaters, your best bet is to visit home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. These retail giants carry a wide range of Homelite products, from electric and gas-powered weed eaters to replacement parts and accessories. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, you’re sure to find a Homelite weed eater that suits your needs and budget.

These stores also offer excellent customer service and product warranties, so you can buy with confidence. Plus, by shopping in-store, you can see and feel the products before you buy them, which can be invaluable when making a purchasing decision. So next time you need a reliable and efficient weed eater, head to Home Depot or Lowe’s and grab a Homelite.

Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay

When it comes to finding Homelite weed eaters, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are a great place to start. These platforms offer a vast selection of products, including different models of Homelite weed eaters and accessories that are compatible with them. Moreover, you can compare prices, read product reviews, and check the seller’s ratings to ensure that you’re making a wise purchase decision.

When browsing these platforms, don’t forget to check for any available deals and discounts, including free shipping, which can help you save money while getting the products you need. Overall, online marketplaces are a convenient and reliable option for anyone looking to buy Homelite weed eaters without leaving the comfort of their homes.


In this day and age, it seems like there’s an app for everything, a gadget for every task, and a robot for every household chore. But do they still make Homelite weed eaters? Well, the answer is yes- and thank goodness for that! Because sometimes, there’s just no substitute for a good old-fashioned tool that you can rely on to get the job done. So, whether you’re a professional landscaper or just tackling some DIY lawn care, rest assured that a Homelite weed eater is still a trusty option in your gardening toolbox.


Is Homelite still manufacturing weed eaters?
Yes, Homelite still produces weed eaters.

What is the price range of Homelite weed eaters?
Homelite weed eaters are reasonably priced, ranging from $50 to $150.

Are there any new Homelite weed eater models available in the market?
Yes, Homelite recently released the Homelite 13-Inch Electric String Trimmer/Edger, which is a versatile and lightweight option.

What type of fuel do Homelite weed eaters use?
Homelite weed eaters use gasoline or electric power sources depending on the model.

How long is the warranty for Homelite weed eaters?
Homelite offers a two-year warranty on its weed eaters which covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

Can Homelite weed eaters be used as an edger?
Yes, Homelite weed eaters are versatile tools that can be used for trimming and edging.

How often should the string be replaced on a Homelite weed eater?
The string on a Homelite weed eater should be replaced when it becomes worn or breaks. This can happen frequently depending on usage and the conditions in which the weed eater is used.

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